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                                                     CHAPTER V

                     The general Resurrection represents, therefore, adamic man's Fulfilment which is an
                   essential  element  for  the  evolution  of  the  Tritocosmos.  It  must  ratify  humanity's

                   conscious participation in the development of our Ray of Creation, particularly by the

                   Earth's accession to the rung of the Deuterocosmos . The two developments merge in
                   the  notes  Ml  and  RE,  that  of  the  lateral  octave,  where  man  plays  a  role  of  prime

                   importance,  serving  as  a  prop  to that  of  the  Great  Octave.  This  is  the  divine  plan, if
                   humanity  does  not  refuse  its  mission.  We  know  what  will  happen  if  it  throws  in  the

                   sponge. The alternative with which it is faced today has been described by Saint Peter in
                   his second epistle and we have noted the text already .
                     History provides us with ample proof of the ways by which divine Power, in leading

                   man towards his Fulfilment, has tried to rehabilitate him at the level to which Adam

                   belonged before his fall – a level which is not identical, however, for our communication
                   with the higher planes will no longer be of a passive nature but of an active one .
                     Adamic humanity appeared about fourteen thousand years ago and we have already

                   been able to place three cycles within this period. The contemporary period marks our

                   entry into the fourth cycle. The compression of Time, to which we have referred several

                   times already, is mani-

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