Page 106 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   V - 1000 years without war (Revelation, XX, 2-4).

                     Above horizontally:
                   1.     - Adam and Eve,
                   2.     - Noah and Norea,
                   3.     - Tower of Babel: confusion of tongues,
                   4.     - Moses,
                   5.     - David,
                   6.     - Jesus,
                   7.     - Separation of the Churches,
                   8.     - Beginning of the atomic era: the U.N.O. and decolonisation,
                   9.     - Return to the rule of the real I: the abolition of Illusion, of Falsehood and of Bondage.
                          The reign of the Androgyn.
                   10.    - Definite Separation of the tares from the good seed (Matthew, XIII, 24-30.)

                     On the axis of the abscissa, each unit represents a period of one thousand years; on the axis

                   of  the  ordinates,  the  units  refer  to  the  man's  level  of  being,  according  to  the  degree  of  his
                   esoteric evolution and of his general evolution.

                     The reader may notice that this schema represents not only the three cycles that have come
                   to an end, but also the fourth, the Cycle of the Holy Ghost, with the alternative that it holds for

                   humanity: either to attain Fulfilment, or to founder in a deluge of fire.
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