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                     The prehistoric period is characterized by the co-existence of two types of humanity:

                   pre-adamic humanity, or that of the homo sapiens fossilis, and adamic humanity, or that
                   of  the  homo  sapiens  recens.  For  reasons  which  have  been  explained  already ,  pre-
                   adamic humanity did not have the same possibilities of evolution as the new type had.

                   Mixed  marriages  risked  bringing  about  a  regression  in  which  the  tares  might  have
                   smothered the good seeds  and where all possible growth of the human species may
                   have  come  to  a  halt.  The  Flood  took  place  to  practically  wipe  out  this  risk.  Bestial

                   tendencies  had  much  less  of  a  hold  on  the  homo  sapiens  recens.  A  new  start  was

                   possible, and all the traditions have left us a trace of it. Son of Heaven and of the Earth

                   at the same time, man could now lift up his eyes to his heavenly Father. This humanity,
                   however, needed always to be firmly guided. Left to itself, it could only end up at Babel

                   and the confusion of tongues. It needed rigorous directives, a Law. The latter was given

                   to Moses. The Old Testament's grant corresponded to the Creator’s precise intention of

                   selecting the chosen people who were destined to become the chosen people of the
                   Good Tidings.

                     Heaven  became  accessible  again.  By  his  efforts,  man  could  rediscover  the  road  to

                   Paradise  -  that  Way  which  is  represented  so  well  symbolically  by  Jacob's  ladder.

                   However, the chosen people, especially its ruling-class, had a tendency to lay the accent
                   on the letter of the

                       Supra, pp. 34-35.
                       Matt., XIII, 24-30.
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