Page 109 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     It was, however, only a divine victory, and man's rejection drove the Light away from

                   him. The Cycle of the Son is marked by a succession of wars, of revolutions, of fraternal
                   murders  [genocides]  and  by  the  return  en  masse  to  primitive  paganism,  by  an

                   outrageous materialism, the restoration of the Golden Calf, and by the debasement of

                   Love which is too often reduced to a purely voluptuous impulse.

                     If humanity, especially its esoteric avant-garde or the chosen people, had not rebelled
                   against the divine precepts, Christ's Advent would have brought about totally different

                   consequences. Under the Master's guidance, the human society could have progressed

                   smoothly  towards  the  end  for  which  it  had  been  destined  by the  Divine  Will,  to  the

                   eschatological dawn of the invisible Sun which shines in the Cycle of the Holy Ghost(?).
                     But now, this is not the reality. Often rebellious against their prophets, the chosen

                   people  rebelled  against  Him  who  sent  them.  Saint  John  the  Baptist,  who  was  the
                   Precursor,  and  the  Voice  of  one  crying  in  the  wilderness ,  was  beheaded  and  Jesus

                   crucified. His Apostles were persecuted. Humanity rejected the gift which was offered it
                   at the end of the Cycle of the Father, to commit itself entirely to the road of evolution.

                     One  must  try  to  understand  that  the  importance  of  this  tragic  error  with  its

                   consequences, does not lie in the refusal of the Jewish people as such. Races may cease


                       Isaiah, XL, 5; Matt., III, 3; Mark, I, 3; Luke, III, 4; John, I, 23.
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