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                   ture, due to their nature, upbringing, or personal experience. The diffusion of  Gnosis

                   has,  however,  exceeded  all  expectations.  The  elite  amongst  whom  this  book  has
                   aroused an interest, has therefore proved to be quite large.

                     The  present  Introduction  is  addressed  to  those  correspondents  who  have

                   encountered  problems  of  a  general  nature,  and  even  more  so,  to  those  who  are

                   concerned with our Aim and Work. These two points are correlated, and represent two
                   sides of the same question.

                     The problem is well situated in a very old maxim quoted in the Gospel according to St.

                   Luke, which says: "The labourer is worthy of his hire" . It is to be found in the passage
                   where the seventy disciples are sent forth "as lambs among wolves"  to proclaim to the
                   world that "The Kingdom of God is come nigh unto you" .
                     Which is to say, that, in the esoteric domain, as in any other secular enterprise, man

                   earns his salary for the service he renders. However, the worldly life that one leads, that

                   which  is  subject  to  the  "A"  influences,  leaves  one  the  possibility  of  acquiring  wealth
                   without  contributing  any  effort;  through  speculation,  for  example,  or  by  all  sorts  of

                   underhand or fraudulent methods which do not violate the limits chalked out by human

                   law.  The  General  Law  accords  quite  a  broad  margin  of  tolerance  to  human  beings

                   working thus, under the suzerainty of the "A" influences. It is of them that it is written:
                   The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. And we

                   must not forget that this was how Jesus concluded his

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