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                   turn, would have caused a rupture at this same place of our Ray of Creation. This would

                   have meant the collapse of our world. However, God so loved the world that he gave His
                   only  begotten  Son,  that  whosoever  believeth  in  Him  should  not  perish,  but  have

                   everlasting life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that
                   the world through Him might be saved .

                     The Incarnation therefore represents more than one promise. We must understand
                   that, if it were not for this powerful aid from on high, which compensated for human

                   shortcomings, the world where we live would no longer exist. This is the real meaning of

                   Salvation, which justifies St. Paul’s words that we are saved only by hope .
                     According  to  the  Divine  plan,  the  two  thousand  years  of  the  Cycle  of  the  Son
                   represent the notes MI and RE of this Octave .They should, therefore, correspond to the

                   two stages of man's development, that is, to the acquisition of new psychic and spiritual

                   faculties by the most advanced elements of human society and, later on, by humanity as

                   a whole. The latter would then be prepared for the Fulfilment in the DO of the following
                   octave, the 1000 years Cycle of the Holy Ghost.

                     In  order to better understand  the  tragic  importance  of  man's  attitude when  faced

                   with  the  Mystery  of  Incarnation,  we  have  to  go  back  to  the  conditions  in  which  the

                   neophyte can and should cover, one after the other,

                        John, III, 16-17.
                        Romans, VIII, 24.
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