Page 112 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   the different stages of the Way, to be found on a descending scale in which creation is
                   the result of his sustained efforts .
                     One may recall the following symbols: having crossed the first Threshold, the faithful

                   is called upon to climb the Staircase in four stages, represented by four elevated steps.

                   Once they have been mounted, the neophyte, with his Personality now completed, finds

                   himself in front of the second Threshold. He has to make a further effort to cross this
                   new  hurdle  and  embark  on  the  Way,  properly  so  called,  where  he  must  cover  the

                   essential stage of his evolution by ensuring his own development and pushing it through

                   to its completion.

                     On the Staircase, each step represents a note of the scale and each note represents a
                   task to be fulfilled in order that growth may be achieved. Only the righteous accomplish

                   each task fully. The others, or the great majority of those in search of the Way, climb the

                   steps  without  liquidating,  at  each  stage,  their  karmic  burden,  the  remains  of  which

                   accumulate.  However,  once  they  reach  the  second  Threshold,  they  cannot  cross  it
                   (according to the rule) without ridding themselves completely of this burden, for only

                   the pure can step over this Threshold. When he comes face to face with himself, the

                   disciple, armed with faith and courage, should conquer the guardian of the  Threshold

                   which is none other than the monster of his Personality which he, himself, has created.
                   He has to start by judging, weighing and separating the good seed

                        Ref. t. I, pp. 247 and the following French original version; p. 263 in the English manuscript.
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