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                   from the tares so that, purified, his Personality may unite with the divine spark which

                   will bestow its resplendent beauty on him.
                     On the eve of Christ's Advent, the elite of the chosen people were placed in corpore

                   in  front  of  the  second  Threshold.  Their  position  may  be  compared  with  that  of  the

                   isolated case to which we have just referred.

                     The  coming  of the  Forerunner  and  Christ's  Advent  forced  the  chosen people,  who
                   were responsible for the whole of humanity, to come face to face with themselves, and

                   to see themselves in their true light, such as they had become at that period as a result

                   of  all  their  exploits,  their  sins  and  their  errors.  They  should  have  faced  the  facts

                   courageously, swallowed their false pride, repented humbly, listened to the Voice that
                   was crying in the wilderness, and boldly followed the Saviour's precepts.

                     The  chosen people did not triumph in this trial. They proved to be far too weak to

                   admit  their  weaknesses  and  to  overcome  them.  They  preferred  to  suppress  the

                   evidence  and  the  signs  from  on  high.  For  the  price  of  a  dance,  King  Herod  had  the
                   Forerunner  beheaded,  and  the  first  High  Priest  Caïphas,  after  having  tried  to  exploit

                   Jesus for political ends, pronounced the fatal sentence: consider that it is expedient for

                   us that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not  .

                                                          *      *

                        John, XI, 50-51; also XVIII, 14.
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