Page 114 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     The  tasks  which  awaited  humanity  in  the  notes  MI  and  RE  and  whose  execution

                   should have operated the normal transition towards the DO, the Era of the Holy Ghost,

                   have been accomplished only in a very incomplete fashion through the efforts of a few

                   isolated  Individualities.  Today,  having  reached  the  end  of  the  Cycle  of  the  Son,  at  a
                   moment when the irreversible course of Time has dragged it to the DO of its octave,

                   humanity  is  faced  once  again  with  a  choice  –  an  ultimate  choice.  Either  it  rapidly

                   liquidates a karmic load weighed down by twenty centuries, and serves to instrument
                   the Fulfilment during the Era of the Holy Ghost, or it repeats the error that the chosen

                   people committed and thus, condemns itself to the fire. This is the choice about which

                   St. Peter writes in his second epistle.

                     These are the consequences of the catastrophe of Golgotha.

                                                          *      *

                     In order to try and get an overall picture of the implications of the Golgotha tragedy,

                   one must not forget the incapacity of the man without to discriminate between the "A"

                   and "B" influences. He is also incapable of trying to establish a scale of values which
                   corresponds to the Real. This is the main reason why humanity is ruled by the Law of


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