Page 117 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   sented the Alliance between Heaven and Earth: it was also in the form of a circle, half of

                   which was embedded in the Temple and the other half outside it. And the seventy two
                   members of this high Assembly symbolized the seventy two tongues which dated back

                   to the times following the Tower of Babel, thus, the whole of humanity, divided and

                   dispersed, was symbolically gathered together there.

                     We  must  insist  on  the  fact  that  the  Saviour's mission  could  have  been  completely
                   effective only if the chosen people had recognized His predication wholeheartedly and

                   had His precepts into practice. We are referring here to the profound meaning of man's

                   destiny. He is supposed to become perfect at the time of the Fulfilment, just as Adam

                   was  perfect  before  the  fall.  The  difference  is  that  Adam  was  in  a  state  of  passive
                   communion with the divine plane. Man, having tasted of the fruit of knowledge, can

                   unite with God only by making a choice and by adhering Consciously to the divine Will,

                   an act of Love. This act was expected of the chosen people when they were faced with

                   the Mystery of Incarnation and it should have put humanity on the Way which leads to
                   participation in the divine work. Man's true destiny is founded on this imperative need

                   to  pass  from  the  passive  to  the  active  state.  This  conversion  also  marks  the  passage

                   from mysticism to esoterism.

                     The chosen people should have received the Saviour,
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