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                   famous  parable  on  the  unfaithful  steward .  Contrarily,  in  the  esoteric  domain,  one
                   cannot obtain a pure, true and beautiful result without having rendered the equivalent

                   service,  that  is,  the  sum  and  importance  of  the  work  one  furnishes  must  equal  the
                   results which one hopes to gain. Inversely, the importance of the results one obtains for

                   oneself is always equivalent, quantitatively and qualitatively, to the measure of services

                   rendered, on the esoteric plane, naturally.
                     We emphasise pure and true, for they indicate permanence. It is possible to obtain

                   so-called esoteric results but impure and, consequently, false and temporary.

                     Here,  we  are  referring  to  the  vast  domain  of  occultism  where  the  children  of  this

                   world, shrewder than the children of light, try to apply their cunning beyond the limits

                   of the visible world. This is what we call "phenomenalistic mysticism". We will return to
                   this subject later on.

                                                          *      *

                     Hence, if the seeker sets out with a negative approach and a feeling of dissatisfaction

                   and  deficiency,  he  will  not  be  able  to  advance  very  much  on  this  road.  One  cannot

                   approach the esoteric domain prompted by the desire to find personal satisfaction, a
                   goal which is necessarily impure. If one persists, one will meet with failure. For the error

                   made at the outstart, can only lead to that "phenomenalistic mysticism" to which we

                   have referred already.

                       Luke, XVI, 8 (of the Slavonic text).
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