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                   ger: it was, indeed, possible that the people, heedless of the Sanhedrin's designs, would

                   follow Jesus. For Caïaphas, this danger was even more real than the Roman danger.

                          St  .Paul  gives  us  a  clear  indication  regarding  the  disappearance  of  the  Jewish

                   race, had they fulfilled their mission as the chosen people, or had they negotiated the

                   crossing to another plane. In Christ Jesus, says he, there is neither Greek nor Jew . One
                   of the meanings of this phrase is that in christianised  humanity, nations (which are,
                   after all, products of Babel) would be called upon to disappear and amalgamate: the

                   Jewish nation would have been the first to suffer this loss of identity. History gives us

                   several examples of the prevalence of faith over race. And we know that those of the

                   chosen people who welcomed the New Testament and were baptized, disappeared as
                   national entities. This assimilation of Jews through baptism has continued to our day,

                   Caïaphas must have been conscious of all this and foreseen the inevitable consequences

                   of a mass conversion of his people. This is why he came to the conclusion that it was
                   better to strike Jesus than to

                     33  Romans, X, 12; literal translation of the Slavonic text.
                         The  terminology  used  by  the  primitive  Church  distinguishes  between:  the  man  without
                   (Mark, IV, 11), the catechumen, who is facing the first Threshold, the fidel, who is between the
                   first and the second Thresholds, and finally the Saint or the Christian who, having crossed the
                   second Threshold, is on the Way, properly speaking.
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