Page 127 - Gnosis volume 2
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                          The  Jewish  people  ceased  to  be  the  first  and  became  the  last.  Vanquished,

                   decimated  and  dispersed,  they  became  an  errant  people  and  were  continuously
                   persecuted during the twenty centuries which comprise the Cycle of the Son .

                                                          *      *

                     The solution for which the Sanhedrin opted prevented the Mystery of Revelation to

                   produce its full effect: that is, to lead humanity across the first Threshold, and to place it
                   on  the  Staircase  of  esoteric  evolution.  Indeed,  this  would  have  been  the  road  to  its

                   Salvation. But it was saved only by hope, in the words of St. Paul.

                     Though only a feeble echo, this hope represents a confirmation of the Promise. It was

                   a form of exchange, the fruit of the terrible sacrifice to which Jesus was led by His Love.

                   The  threat  of  a  general  Death  was  overcome,  compensated  by  the  fact  that  Jesus
                   offered Himself

                        Even if this voluntary choice of crossing over from the Terrestrial plane to the higher plane
                   is  refused  collectively,  it  can  always  take  place  and  does  take  place  individually.  The
                   consequences  are  the  same;  on  the  terrestrial  plane,  the  baptized  person  looses  his  Jewish
                   identity and is absorbed by the group in which he lives. On the spiritual plane, these conversions
                   seem to have maintained, in many cases, an extraordinary radiance, a reflection of the strength
                   the chosen people would have had, had they adhered to the New Testament.
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