Page 128 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   voluntarily and with love, as a holocaust to the rebellious chosen people. This is the real

                   meaning of the Easter hymn which says that the Saviour, by His death, has conquered

                     And  this  is  the  reason  why  man  can  still  hopefully  face  the  test  which  he  must

                   undergo at the opening of the Cycle of the Holy Ghost.

                     This test is redoubtable for it is definitive. In case of failure, there will be no "form of

                     This is why one must not think that our aim in presenting this analysis is to judge the

                   chosen people and their leaders. As Jesus said, they will be judged by Moses .
                     The  important  question  which  is  of  topical  interest,  is  to  know  whether  we  are

                   capable of learning a lesson from what has happened before.

                        John, V, 45.
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