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                     The hostility of the public authorities forced the Apostles and other disciples to make

                   incredible  sacrifices,  sacrifices  at  the  price  of  which  the  Word  prevailed  and  the
                   Darkness comprehended it not . But the propagation of the Message did not take place

                   easily,  all  the  obstacles  and  delays  it  encountered  created  a  particularly  dangerous
                   situation for humanity: for all that man must accomplish in the Universe, must be done

                   in determined periods. The irreversibility of Time is applicable to the esoteric domain as

                     Instead of marching from one spiritual victory to another, on the road that Jesus had

                   traced out, humanity suffered a fall. It became a victim of the lower categories of the

                   human psychism [see French original text, Gnôsis II, p. 89]: of calculation and of self-

                   interest, which it ended up by placing at the top of its scale of values. It was thus that

                   the gap between progress gradually widened and became a serious obstacle in the way
                   of the smooth working of the principles contained in the Gospel.

                                                          *      *

                          One can measure the greatness of divine Love by recalling that it is not the will of
                   your  Father  which  is  in  Heaven,  that  one  of  these  little  ones  should  perish .  Divine

                   pardon  covers  even  crime.  We  read  in  the  Bible  that  Caïn,  who  symbolizes  the  first
                   homicide  and  the  first  fratricide,  was  marked  with  a  sign  from  the  Eternal  lest  any

                   finding  him  should  kill  him  and  it  is  added  that  if  anyone  slayeth  Caïn,  Caïn  will  be

                   avenged sevenfold .

                     13  John, I, 5.
                        Matt., XVIII, 14.
                        Genesis, IV, 15, translated literally from the Slavonic text.
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