Page 14 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   institutions. The latter represent an approach that is imprisoned in the zone overrun by

                   the "A" influences. In esoterism, more than elsewhere, and this is understandable, man

                   is worth what he is worth. He is engaged to fulfil certain needs, and is recompensed

                   according to his endeavours.

                     If he can be useful, already, in his ordinary state, he is made to go through a sort of
                   esoteric  apprenticeship.  He  will  then  progress  according  to  his  "talents",  or,  in  other

                   words, his innate intuitive bent, or yet, according to the conscious efforts he makes.

                   Devotion  and  constancy  are  the  leading  qualities  taken  into  account.  Jesus  said:  "No
                   man, having put his hand into the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of

                   God" .
                     Judas  Iscariot's  kiss  should  be  ever  present  in  the  seeker's  spirit.  He  was  the

                   intellectual amongst the Twelve and the components of this mentality are to be found in

                   different  degrees  in  any  unfulfilled  Personality.  A  man  must  be  absolutely  sure  if  he
                   wishes to play an active part in esoteric work — even more so today than 2000 years

                   ago.  One  should  be  able  to  count  on  him  whatever  happens.  Otherwise,  in  certain

                   circumstances, he runs the risk of following in Juda’s footsteps.
                     And one must not have any illusions on this subject: to betray Jesus, is to betray His

                   life's  work  whose  object  is  the  salvation  of  man.  So,  in  betraying  Christ's  work,  one

                   betrays oneself, above all. This is what inevitably happens to seekers, who, after

                       Luke, IX, 62.
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