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                     We are right in the midst of this relatively short period — of a century — perhaps. It

                   started with the first conference at the Hague and the Russo-Japanese War, followed by

                   the first Russian Revolution and the first World War. That was the collapse of the old
                   political and social balance of powers on our planet and, running parallel to it, was the

                   staggering headway made in the technical field.

                     It is, however, impossible to measure the exact duration of this period. For it is said:
                   Of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the Angels of Heaven, not the Son, but

                   my Father only . With this reserve, one can state that the transitional period will, most
                   probably, not outlast the end of this century. For, all the signs that were indicated as

                   necessary conditions for the End, are cropping up before our very eyes.

                     This  period  calls  for  great  preparations  for  the  crossing  over  into  the  approaching
                   third Cycle, that of the Holy Ghost. The task is partially accomplished already, as regards

                   the  exterior  conditions  of  organic  life  on  the  Earth  as  a  whole,  and  especially,  those

                   conditions which affect the material life of human beings.
                     In this realm, however, we are obviously approaching a limit in this sense, that the

                   progress  of  means  tends  to  destroy  established  ways  of  life,  which  nevertheless

                   remain unchanged or, more often, lag behind with a dangerous delay  [extract from

                   Amis, Gnosis II, p. xxx-xxxi, see also, French original version, Gnôsis II, p. 17].

                     Technical progress is liberating man rapidly from the bondage of toil imposed on him
                   since his Fall, when he was condemned to eat bread in the sweat of his

                        Matt., XXIV, 36; Mark, XIII, 32.
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