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                   ving drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith; the old is better .

                                                          *      *

                     As indicated above, during the transitional Period, the preparatory task on the moral

                   plane, can and should be accomplished under the aegis of Absolute II, for human beings
                   and by human beings. It is, therefore, a question concerning the New Man, a subject

                   which has been treated broadly already in the first volume of Gnosis and elsewhere .
                     Practically, the problem may be confined to the formation of a new cadre of elite to

                   replace the intellectuals who have formed our elite since the Renaissance, and who, in

                   their turn, replaced the ruling feudal lords at the end of the Middle Ages.
                     This postulate leads us to the question dealing directly with the aim of the esoteric

                   work which is operative in the world today.

                     At the beginning of 1962 the author published a message in the Centre's Information
                   Bulletin, in which he reiterated the exact aim he had in mind in divulging the traditional

                   Doctrine in the Gnosis series, and in creating the Center, that is, to contribute towards

                   the formation  of  the  New  Man.  Indeed,  the  whole  success  of  the transitional period

                   between our civilization, which has

                        Luke, V, 39.
                        Cf. Boris Mouravieff, The problem of the New Man, in the review Syntheses, N°126-127.
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