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                   come  to  its  end  now,  and  the  new  era  which  awaits  us  in  our  historical  evolution,

                   depends  on  the  manifestation,  in  the  near  future,  of  a  sufficient  number  of  human

                   beings of this type.
                     The  same  message  called  for  a  greater  understanding  of  the  youth  of  today,  who

                   merit more of our attention. For it is from among their ranks - and from those of the

                   following generations - that the torch-bearers with innate esoteric tendencies will arise.
                   It is important, however, to give them an appropriate esoteric education in addition to

                   an intensive professional training. In this way, they will be equipped to develop their

                   natural bent. These men will be called upon to constitute the active elements in the new


                     The author called for vigilance also, to preclude the risk of antagonism from one's
                   immediate circle, even close relatives, sometimes . It is a very noble but delicate task to
                   put these  young  brothers  and  sisters  on  the  esoteric  path,  and  the  author  asked  his

                   readers to consider this important problem with utmost seriousness.
                     He added that special attention should be paid to young girls and women. For even

                   though it was Eve who provoked the Fall, we must not forget that it was through the

                   Virgin Mary that Our Lord came into this world to show man the Way to Salvation. And

                   once more, it is to Woman, daughter of Eve, that it is given to play the role of inspirer in

                   this difficult transitional period which leads to the promised era of Redemption.

                        Cf. Matthew, X, 36.
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