Page 21 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     Let us recapitulate what was stated before in order to sort out our ideas.
                     1.  The  final  goal  that  man  can  hope  to  attain  by esoteric  work,  is  to  arrive  at  the

                   second Birth, and thus, to conquer Death. This goal is defined clearly in the Gospel, and

                   enlarged upon in the Tradition and in the Doctrine. It is Salvation.

                     2.  Apart  from  a  few  rare  exceptions,  the  student  can  attain  this  goal  only  by

                   methodical and assiduous work. The requisite sum of conscious efforts is in proportion
                   to  the  degree  of  the  degeneration  of  the  Personality.  It  is  a  big  sum,  usually,  much

                   bigger,  for  example,  than  that  furnished  by  the  student  when  he  progresses  from

                   elementary school right through to the successful achievement of a thesis for a Doctor's

                     3. The special feature of these efforts - as stated already in volume I, and even more

                   clearly in the present one — resides in the fact that all the work the student carries out

                   on himself is aimed at the awakening of his emotional functions, which are profoundly
                   dormant generally, and even more so in the intellectuals of our day. This awakening, this

                   flame, is an essential prerequisite, and the starting point on the road to success: one

                   must burn in order to progress. Glimmering coals covered by ashes will not suffice.

                     A special technique is suggested to students who wish to revive and fan the feeble
                   flames of a fire that manifests a tendency to die out.
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