Page 22 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     4. However, this work on oneself, whose goal is one's individual evolution, cannot be

                   accomplished in a vacuum, that is, alone. The law is clear: the results one desires can be

                   obtained practically only in the form of a  recompense, according to the maxim:  the
                   labourer is worthy of his wages.

                     In other words, the sum of esoteric values cannot be realized by egoistic means for

                   selfish  ends.  For  all  genuine  esoteric  work  is  oriented  in  the  diametrically  opposite
                   direction to egoism.

                     5. - Thus the student should not let himself be deluded by the mirages that lie in wait

                   for him on the road, but should arm himself with a firm courage and ardent faith which

                   will  enable  him  to  find  a  practical  way  of  taking  part  in  the  esoteric  Work  which  is

                   carried out in the world.
                     6. For this, it is not quite sufficient to have a yearning desire in one's loins and a fire in

                   one's heart. The force of this blazing tension will disappear in smoke if it is not applied

                   to an esoteric use. For every force requires a definite point of application, lacking which,
                   it decomposes and is scattered.

                     And again, in order to apply his strength, the student must be useful. His task will

                   begin when he passes from words to acts; and his "wages" will increase automatically,

                   according to the work he furnishes.

                     7. The seeker is free to make his choice. This discipline is accepted voluntarily, but is
                   of iron. The stu-
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