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                   or  applied,  everyone  admits  that  it  is  necessary  to  be  well  informed  on  the  subject

                   before being able to offer a valid opinion on it. In order to talk seriously, one should talk

                   about what one knows, which presupposes that one has gone through the necessary
                   preliminary studies.

                     It is quite a different question with regard to the esoteric domain. Here, one believes

                   oneself  competent  without  having  passed  even  the  elementary  stage.  One  judges
                   without  having  developed  in  oneself the  specific  means  to  render  judgment.  Though

                   one knows that a fellow human being can be understood and consequently judged, only

                   by  his  equal  or  superior.  If  this  was  not  the  case,  the  discussions  and  judgments

                   pronounced on esoteric ideas and facts, in this instance, can only be compared to the

                   opinions pronounced by the blind on the subject of colours.
                     Just as the world around us is invisible to the unborn child until the day of his birth,

                   the superior planes of Life such as the astral and spiritual worlds are closed to us until

                   our  second  Birth.  Until  then,  we  can  advance  only  hypothetical  arguments,  or  quote
                   from the experience of those who have gone through the Second Birth. As to be able to

                   judge  the  validity  of  these  facts,  we  can  only  do  so  after  having  crossed  the  second

                   Threshold  ourselves.  Then  -  and  only  then  -  having  donned  his  spiritual  body,  in  the

                   words of St-Paul: he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no
                   man . And the apostle goes on to explain: But we have the mind of Christ .

                        I Corinthians, II, 15.
                        I Corinthians, II, 16.
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