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                     Through  his  identification  with  his  real  l,  that  is,  Christ's  monad,  the  Individuality

                   enters into direct contact with, in the words of St. Paul, His mind.

                                                          *      *

                     This  appears  quite  clear.  Yet,  the  curious  phenomenon  to  which  we  have  referred
                   frequently takes place and even people of good faith — without mentioning the others

                   — persist in their attitude.

                     This phenomenon is due to two main causes, the first one being the general human

                   tendency to adopt certain attributes which exist in the man without only potentially.

                   The second cause, which is a result of the former, is the subconscious deification of the
                   Personality, which is reputed to be omnipotent in every domain.

                     Humility is an essential requisite for true esoteric work and a lack of it is even greater

                   in many people who possess, at least, theoretically, the faculty of penetrating the supra-
                   sensorial world.

                     We will not even mention people of bad faith. We have referred to them already in

                   the first volume of this work and that is sufficient . Let us examine only the case of
                   sincere people who go astray, for this is a case that concerns our Work. It is precisely
                   that of the sick who need a physician . They are the little Sauls who could be converted
                   into  little  Pauls,  in  order  to  become  useful  workers  and  gain  the  reward,  but  who

                   wander in out-of-the-

                        T. I, p. 73-74 in the English manuscript; p. 74 from French original version.
                        Matt., IX, 12; Mark, II, 17; Luke, V, 31.
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