Page 27 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     For the human being, this is the highest limit, the spiritual plane, of St. Paul’s third

                   heaven, whereas, the intermediary plane is the psychic one.

                     This whole is represented in the form of a triangle containing six factors, that is, five
                   notes and the interval between DO and SI, filled in by the will of Absolute II which is


                                                            Fig. 1

                     Seen  from  above,  the  intermediary  plane  comprises  the  elements  which  are

                   responsible for the manifestation and then, the psychic and psycho-physical existence of
                   organic  life  on  Earth.  (The  physical  and  physico-psychic  manifestation  and  existence

                   come from elsewhere; we will come back to this later). This plane is filled by the will of

                   Absolute  II,  and  comprises  the  atmosphere,  in  the  widest  sense  of  the  term:  the

                   Mesocosmos. This is the domain of several psychic planes, ranging from the coarsest (in
                   SI) to the most refined (in ).

                     The phenomenalist seeks facts, manifestations in esoteric work, to convince him that

                   it  is  well  founded,  or  simply,  to  satisfy  his  curiosity.  Here  lies  the  danger  or  the

                   stumbling-block to which we have referred. For it is possible, even easy, to obtain the

                   desired  facts  in  the  SI  domain  —  to  which  the  human  Personality  belongs  equally.
                   However, solidly anchored in the physical body, it is incapable, generally, of entering

                   into direct contact with this plane. But, certain so-called sensitive
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