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                   people,  have  the  innate  or  acquired  faculty  of  weakening,  momentarily,  the  bonds

                   which fasten the Personality to the physical body. It is thus, that, without any esoteric

                   evolution  whatsoever,  they  are  able  to  enter  into  contact  with  this  plane  -  with  the

                   coarse layers of the SI domain.
                     Often,  the  facts  obtained  in  this  way,  are  considered  by  who  seek  them,  as

                   proceeding from the spiritual plane or, at least, as fine layers of the Ψ, reflecting the will

                   of Absolute II, as it is in direct contact with Him and filled with His Love. The Ψ domain is

                   that of the Individualities, the Saints and other entities of this nature, who are entrusted
                   with missions on various planes. On the contrary, the SI domain is a vast storehouse of

                   psychic entities who have no contact with the higher plane. It comprises, among others,
                   the  disincarnated  Personalities,  who  await  there,  their  second  Death ,  which  is  the
                   negative equivalent of the second Birth , and which takes place, usually, on the fortieth
                   day after the physical death.

                     Orthodox  Tradition  warns  seekers  expressly  against  contacts  with  this  domain,  so

                   dangerous,  and  above  all,  delusive.  In  esoteric  monastic  practice,  special  prayers  are
                   directed to prevent one from falling into a mystical snare which is laid in the following


                     It happens often, that certain entities belonging to the SI domain, seek a contact with

                   human beings - especially with those who desire to establish a liaison with the world
                   beyond. The aim of these entities is to intervene, then, in terrestrial life, and to draw

                   upon a deposit

                        Revelation, XX, 6.
                        John, III, 8.
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