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                   of vitality there, in order to gratify the unsatisfied desires that they have carried with

                   them beyond their physical lives .
                     The degree of their intervention is variable, and depends on the credulity that they
                   encounter. Orthodox Tradition classes them in the category of little devils or imps. The

                   thirst  for  "miracles,  visions",  etc.  engenders  a  favourable  atmosphere  for  their

                   apparition,  which  can  take  many  forms,  even  perceptible  to  the  senses.  In  order  to

                   accentuate  their  importance,  these  apparitions  often  usurp  the  names  of  illustrious
                   men, or those of Saints or archangels; they even go as far as usurping the name or the

                   form of the Holy Virgin, or of the Christ Himself. The Philokalia and the Doctrine contain

                   numerous descriptions of cases of this nature.

                     Through  the  Science  of  Clues,  Tradition  teaches  us  a  method  which  enables  us  to
                   discern  this  category  of  psychic  phenomena,  too  often  mistaken  for  facts  emanating

                   really from the higher planes.

                     While we are on this subject, it is useful to emphasize that, in esoteric research, the

                   true  and  the  false  are  confused  easily  in  the  phenomenalistic  minds  of  the  cultured
                   people of our times — confusion, by the way, that is generally favoured by this milieu,

                   that  of  Mixtus  Orbis.  This  entanglement  manifests  itself,  usually,  in  the  emotional

                   domain, which is, most of the time, unbalanced in us, owing to our habit of lying which

                   has  become  a  veritable  second  nature  with  us.  Man,  even  the  most  educated  or
                   cultured, having lost the innate faculty of spontane-

                        I Corinthians, VII, 28.
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