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                   ous discernment between the true and the false, becomes singularly naïve, especially in

                   the "mystical" domain. This lack of balance affects us in conformity to the law: credulity

                   is  inversely  proportional  to  faith.  In  other  words,  the  weaker  our  faith,  and
                   consequently, the weaker our pure emotional feelings, the greater our credulity, which

                   often assumes the most grotesque forms.

                     In this mechanism, we may note the usual game of the General Law: to give the man
                   who is in search of the Way, the impression that he is there already. This is the Devil’s

                   trump-card, and the one he uses the most often, to mislead the inexperienced seeker

                   and to make him deviate from the straight and narrow path that leads to eternal Life.

                      Jesus, the Master of esoteric Tradition, says:

                     How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour
                   that cometh from God only ?
                     When we accept the "glory of men", even though we may believe sincerely that we

                   are on the Way, we fall immediately under the sway of the law of Equilibrium to which
                   Jesus made an allusion when he said of the Pharisees, who pray in the streets, they have

                   their reward .
                                                          *      *

                     The  ideas  developed  in  the  present  Introduction,  have  been  grouped  together  in

                   order to reply to various questions by readers of the first volume of

                        John,V, 44.
                        Matthew VI, 5.
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