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                     In  conclusion,  we  want  to  draw  their  attention  to  the  special  value  of  their

                   Personality, a value that is inestimable, in spite of all its faults and weaknesses, even
                   though it seems poor, wretched, and sometimes, grotesque.

                     One  must  not  forget  that  the  human  Personality,  in  its  actual  unfinished  state,

                   constitutes our sole instrument for esoteric work. Better still, it is a gift: it is the talent
                   that the Master has given us to the end that we may make it bring forth fruit.

                     Woe to the servant who buries it in the ground of his body: For he shall be cast into

                   outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth . And this is no metaphor.
                     It is, therefore, necessary for us to work with love and with all our strength, for we do

                   not know at what hour the Master will come and ask us to render an account.

                        Matthew XXV,30.
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