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                                                     CHAPTER I

                     In the first volume, our task was to provide the reader, athirst for knowledge, with a

                   method which would enable him to undertake the search for the Way, which leads to

                   the Truth, and, by that, to Life. The elements of the know-how which are to be found in
                   it comprise the tools with which man can work on himself.

                     Our study will be continued in the same framework: Man, Universe, Way, and with

                   the same goal: to aid the persevering seeker to continue his evolution until he reaches,

                   finally, the point where he can conquer Death. But, whereas in the first volume, our
                   study was concentrated on man as a separate entity, we will now consider him in the

                   larger context of organic life on Earth, whose evolution guarantees the development of

                   our Ray of Creation.

                     This method enables us to place our studies in the framework of a natural scientific
                   system, where the curriculum corresponds to the structure of the object studied.

                                                          *      *

                     Now,  let  us  study  and  try  to  understand  the  general  meaning  of  the  evolution  of

                   organic life, considering it in its entirety as an organ of our planet. At the same time, let

                   us try to determine man’s place and the mission with which he has been invested, in the

                   framework of this organ.
                     Organic  life  on  Earth  was  conceived  and  was  born  in  certain  cosmic  conditions.

                   Modern science furnishes us
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