Page 35 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   generate. Its fate depends, therefore, on the possibility of filling up the second interval,

                   between FA and MI. If this gap is bridged, the development takes place in two stages, in

                   the notes MI and RE and the success of the work makes its appearance in the note DO
                   of the following octave.

                     These concepts of growth and development are confused very often. For example,

                   even when the distinction is made in biology, the demarcating line is not always clearly
                   defined. The one we have just indicated will be of use to the reader in his revision of the

                   examples  cited  in  the  first  Volume,  from  the  Creation  to  the  general  schema

                   representing the Way. In the latter case, he will be able to grasp better the difference

                   that exists between the two stages of the Way: the staircase which corresponds to the

                   idea of growth, and the Way which represents real development.
                     It remains to explain in general terms, the nature and the significance of the force

                   which  is  capable  of  filling  in  the  gap  between  the  notes  FA  and  MI.  We  have  noted

                   already that this force is born of a lateral octave, which issues from the note SOL of the
                   first octave, and it is the conjugated effort of the three notes  LA, SOL and FA of the

                   lateral octave that fills in the gap.

                     Based  on  the  definition  given  above,  we  may  state  that  the  growth  of  the  lateral

                   octave  is  what  renders  the  development  of  creation  undertaken  according  to  the

                   principal Octave, possible.
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