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                     This law is applied to all forms of Creation, from the Great cosmic Octave right down

                   to the most rudimentary human action. Naturally, it comprises the neophyte's course

                   from the first Threshold to the end of the Way.

                                                          *      *

                     Now let us return to the subject of organic life on Earth. The development of our Ray

                   of Creation, an element of the Great Cosmic Octave, can and must be achieved by this

                   organ. But at what stage of its growth is organic life on Earth today and, consequently,

                   what are the prospects offered for the development of our Ray of Creation?

                     The sum of information furnished in natural history and anthropology, enables us to
                   follow the evolution of the growth of organic life from the remotest times. Even if we do

                   not know its origins, we can imagine the stages of growth of the various components of

                   organic life. The latter, as is the case in all growth, possesses a double aspect: qualitative
                   and quantitative.

                     We have seen that the vivifying effect of the energy that issues from Absolute I is the

                   result of the ebb and flow of waves which are diffused all along the Ray of Creation .
                   The same phenomenon takes place all along the lateral octave: the growth of organic

                   life happens in successive stages, as the energy which issues from Absolute II provokes a
                   retaliatory action. In the same way, the accumulated poten-

                       T. I, p. 169, English manuscript; p. 160, fig. 47, French original version.
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