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                   tial energy in a seed takes the kinetic form, the form of growth, as soon as the seed is

                   sown and when it provokes the reaction of the earth.
                     As  in  every  descending  octave,  the  energy  that  issues  from  Absolute  II,  is  of  a

                   masculine nature; it penetrates the area where the action takes place, as in a sort of

                   matrix; and as the reaction it produces spreads all along the lateral octave; organic life

                   makes its appearance. It is always the manifestation of the same Law of Realization, to
                   which the Book of Revelation refers: behold, I stand at the door, and knock. If any man

                   hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he

                   with me .
                     The  masculine,  vivifying  energy  which  is  the  Love  proceeding  from  Absolute  II,  is
                   plenteously projected all along the lateral octave, from the top to the bottom. But the

                   concrete result, the birth of organic life, appears only as a response to this appeal, as a

                   sort of reflux of feminine energy. Progressing towards the summit, up to the interval,

                   this energy re-establishes the primordial equilibrium which was broken in the void by
                   the  perturbing  action  of  the  Love  proceeding  from  Absolute  II.  To  begin  with,  the

                   feminine energy reaches the note FA, then climbs towards SOL and ends up at LA .
                   In other words, organic life on Earth ap-

                     2  Revelation, III, 20.
                       For the moment, we will not consider the question of the filling up of the interval between
                   the  FA  and  MI  of  the  lateral  octave,  which  takes  place  in  the  same  manner  as  in  the  Great
                   Octave. We will come back to it in the Second Part of this book.
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