Page 38 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   pears in the opposite direction to Love's action - first in the form of flora, then of fauna

                   and, lastly, of man, though, at first sight, this fact may seem paradoxal.

                     One may notice the same complex process of growth and development in the heart
                   of  each  of  these  notes.  In  each  of  the  three  cases,  this  process  follows  an  inner

                   descending  scale.  It  is  unleashed  by  the  impetus  of  the  reflux,  operating  then  as  an

                   active force, which ensures the general growth of organic life. In order to cross over to
                   the stage of development, a complementary voluntary effort is required. In the floral

                   gamut, it takes the form of agricultural work: it is the conscious, voluntary effort of the

                   cultivator which fills in the interval between the FA and the MI of this scale , and the
                   Earth brings forth more fruit. If this effort ceases, the ploughed land and the orchards

                   will return to their primitive state: the rose will become eglantine again. The same goes
                   for the fauna and for man himself as we will see further on.

                     The process of development, such as we have defined it, represents a refinement of

                   organic  life  on  Earth:  thus  this  transmitting  station  reacts  responds  with  enhanced
                   sensitivity  to  the  impact  of  the  energy  that  proceeds  from  Absolute  I,  and  which  is

                   directed towards it by Absolute II.

                       The effects and causes represent the succession of scales, whose sequence, at the cosmic
                   level, is made according to cycles. The three great driving investigators in man: hunger, sex and
                   fear, force him to take initiatives, to hurl himself in constructive or productive work.
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