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                   Acting as a transformer also, the station then emits waves that become finer and finer in

                   the course of the process of development.

                     This is the qualitative aspect. From the quantitative point of view, the multiplication
                   of the elements of organic life, render our planet's transmitting station more and more

                   powerful, and, at the same time, more and more sensitive. In this way, the conditions

                   which are necessary for the filling in of the interval between the FA and the MI of the
                   Great Octave, are assembled progressively. At the note MI, the flow all along our Ray of

                   Creation  can  transform  life  on  our  planet  and,  consequently,  the  planet  itself;  it  can

                   produce,  then,  transformations  that  will  lead  our  satellite  to  its  following  stage  of


                                                          *      *

                     Man's  ingenious  and  conscious  intervention  is  responsible  for  the  development  of

                   fauna  and  flora  in  a  certain  direction  and  at  a  certain  pace,  by  bestowing  on  them
                   certain  qualities.  But  how  does  the  development  of  man  himself  take  place?  Under

                   which exterior influence is the interval between the FA and the MI of the evolutive scale

                   of  humanity,  filled  up  to  enable  man  to  pass  from  the  growing  stage  to  that  of


                     The entire process of growth and development in man appears particularly long when
                   measured by human standards of Time. However, as growth covers four notes of the

                   scale and development only two, the latter is much shor-
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