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                   Bible tells us that he was handsome . He possessed also, in a latent state, the faculty of
                   attaining the stage of human, and even super-human, development — a faculty that the

                   strictly animal world does not possess. But this development was possible only if man
                   received the complementary impetus which enabled him to pass, in the individual scale,

                   from the note FA, where the most progressive section of this humanity was placed, to

                   the note MI which represents the first stage of development. One may note also that
                   the creation of this second humanity, that is adamic humanity, fits in with the divine

                   plan to utilize man for the transformation of flora and for the cultivation of the soil .
                     The breath of life represents the implantation of the divine spark in adamic man, in

                   the form of two conjugated upper centres. Until then, man, formed of the dust of the

                   earth, had two lower centres only, the motory and the emotive. The latter were formed
                   with the physical body by the creative energy of the sexual  centre. From then on he

                   possessed  a  higher  emotive  centre  and  a  higher  intellectual  centre  as  well.  But  he

                   lacked, still, the lower intellectual centre which he needed badly in order to transform
                   matter, and, primarily, to cultivate the soil.

                     Such was the psychic condition of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the

                   fall. They lived in direct  and constant contact with God, for the purity of their lower

                   emotive  centre  guaranteed  them  a  permanent  link  with  their  higher  emotive  centre

                   and, through it, with their

                        Genesis, VI, 2.
                        Genesis, II, 5.
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