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                   higher intellectual centre. They were able to participate, in this way, even though only

                   passively, in the life of a higher Divine plane.

                     It was at that time that a rupture took place between man and strictly animal life. In
                   the vertical position, his liberated hands could be applied to a multitude of different

                   tasks. And it was through work, that the adamic man pledged himself to the long road of

                   advancement.  Until  then,  he  was  only  a  consumer;  from  then  on,  he  became  a

                     Penetrated by the divine wisdom that reached him through the higher centres and

                   the lower emotive centre, which was still to be found in its original purity, Adam was

                   wise.  He  was  unconscious  of  the  fact  that  he  was  drawing  passively  on  the  higher

                   planes, but this innocent and artless state, which was a superior quality, is described in
                   the Book of Genesis in a way that seems strange at first sight. The text says: Adam and

                   his wife were both naked and were not ashamed .
                     Creative work, however primitive it was, confronted adamic man with the necessity
                   of formulating objectives, and of judging what measures should be taken to attain them.

                   It was under this pressure that the urge to judge, or the critical spirit, was born. The

                   state of unconscious beatitude that Adam and Eve experienced in the Garden of Eden,

                   corresponds to their passage through the interval from FA to MI in their evolutionary

                   octave. But the farther the couple advanced over this chasm filled

                        Genesis, II, 25.
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