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                   tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve knew that
                   they were naked and experienced a feeling of shame .

                                                          *      *

                     Let us study now the creative process of the human prototype. As in the case of the
                   birth  of  all  the  animal or  vegetable  species,  the  intervention  of  the  divine  masculine

                   creative force and its feminine counterpart was necessary: masculine energy proceeds

                   from our Sun insofar as it is an emanation of Absolute II and the feminine energy from

                   the Moon, which is the matrix of our Ray of Creation. And, as a result of the conscious

                   intervention of these two forces, Mother-Earth engendered man by means of the dust
                   of the Ground .
                     This  is  just  one  example  of  the  creative  action  of  complementary  forces  in  the

                   Universe,  where  the  whole  group  of  suns  constitutes  the  body  of  the  cosmic  Christ,
                   Absolute II, and the whole group of satellites forms the body of the Mother, Queen of

                   the Heavens, Regina Astris.

                     We  remind  the  reader  that  this  description  will  aid  him  in  his  revision  of  certain

                   passages in the first volume, relating to the structure of the Universe.

                     It  was  thus,  by  the  reflux  of  feminine  energy,  reacting  to  the  impact  of  divine
                   masculine  energy,  that  the  growth  of  the  creature  began.  The  sexual  and  motory

                   centres appeared first and simultaneously; then came the creation of the lower emotive

                   centre. A psychic body being

                        Genesis, III, 7.
                        Genesis, II, 7.
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