Page 46 - Gnosis volume 2
P. 46


                   constituted, in this way, the process of growth could continue and reach its completion.

                   However, this was not yet the adamic man, severed from the heaven to which he had

                   access originally, bound to the earth, and bereft of his animal nature. The Divine spark,
                   represented in man by the upper conjugated centres, is his link with Heaven; while the

                   lower  intellectual  centre  binds  him  to  the  earth,  though,  at  the  same  time,  it

                   distinguishes him from the animal. The adamic man is, so to speak, suspended between
                   Earth and Heaven, but he possesses the faculty of regaining  Paradise by bridging the

                   gap, a feat he can accomplish through conscious efforts. In this way, he can kindle that

                   Divine spark which he carries within him, even though he is generally unaware of it.

                                                          *      *

                     The  combined  efforts  of  the  creative  energy  proceeding  from  the  sexual  centre,

                   certain  intuitive  faculties,  and  the  discernment  of  the  lower  intellectual  centre,  are
                   responsible for the birth of imagination in man. From now on, its development, which is

                   the result of conscious efforts, takes on an epicyclic form:

                     1. Man explores the unknown: it is the normal procedure for every project, which is

                   the fruit of his creative imagination;

                     2.  Then,  by  a  return-road,  his  ideas  become  concrete,  he  accumulates  the  data
                   necessary to establish a plan of action and he brings together the desired elements
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