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                   in order to put his project into execution;

                     3. And, finally, he acts.

                     This is the essential form of every human enterprise which brings into play the entire
                   range of its activity.

                                                          *      *

                     Man's  acquisition  of  the  higher  centres   led  to the formation  in  him  of the  lower
                   intellectual centre and the appearance of the latter completed the I of the Personality:

                   this completion, in its turn, enables the man who follows the scale of his evolution, to

                   clear the interval between the FA and the MI of his scale, and, when he reaches the note

                   MI, his development begins.
                     The  note  MI  has  the  same  characteristics  in  all  descending  scales  of  creation,

                   particularly in those of a positive nature. In the Great cosmic Octave, it corresponds to

                   the Earth. We must remember also, that the esoteric meaning of this syllable is: Mixtus
                   Orbis or mixed world. In the octave of human evolution, the interior life of man assumes

                   this same character of Mixtus Orbis, when growth is achieved and the interval cleared.

                   This  is  to  say,  that,  unlike  an  animal,  or  a  plant  which  lacks  the  faculty  of  individual

                   development,  man  ceases  to  be  oriented  in  one  direction  only.  Animal  or  vegetable

                   evolution comes to a halt with fructification. The animal and even more so the plant,
                   does not and cannot have interior conflicts. They have one aim only: the preservation of

                   life in view of procreation, and all their efforts are directed towards this aim.

                        Supra, pp. 35, 36.
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