Page 48 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   Man,  on  the  contrary,  lives  in  a  realm  of  doubts  and  of  interior  conflict  which,

                   sometimes, literally tear him asunder. The shelter of a bourgeois life, with its mediocre

                   passions,  its  voluntarily limited  interests  and  its  slow  pace,  is not  a  guarantee for  an
                   unjolted existence. A day comes when this scaffolding of wiles towards God and oneself,

                   falls  into  pieces:  an  unexpected  tempestuous  passion  sweeps  it  away  and  nothing

                   remains  but  a  poor,  crushed  human  being,  faced  with  the  insoluble,  or  apparently
                   insoluble problem of building a new life.

                     In  his  personal  evolution,  man  is  faced  with  a  double  aim:  on  the  one  hand,  with

                   preservation and procreation, which are the after-effects of his animal life; and on the

                   other hand, with his esoteric development which will enable him to identify himself with

                   his Individuality by awakening to the consciousness of his real I at the time of his second
                   Birth — in this life, if possible.

                     Naturally,  the  second  aim  is  far  more  important  than  the  first;  their  value  has  no

                   common  denominator.  But  the  man  without  hardly  knows  this;  and  he  perishes  for
                   copper, mistaking it for gold.

                                                          *      *

                     From  times  immemorial,  the  esoteric  Tradition  has  preserved  the  evolutionary

                   conspectus  of  the  human  species,  according  to  the  growth-development  process,
                   conspectus of which the Bible has left us a symbolical account: Greek philosophy, and

                   certain other texts relating to
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