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                   the  heavenly  mysteries,  may  be  quoted  in  this  respect.  After  the  advent  of  Christ,

                   certain traditions, hermetic until then, were partly revealed. And some of them were

                   incorporated in the doctrines of those schools which were attempting a synthesis of the
                   Greco-Judeo-Christian gnosis. A powerful movement of thought was launched by Simon

                   the Magician, a Samaritan, whose legendary personality is still clouded with mystery. A

                   few  fragments  of  the  doctrine  he  elaborated  with  the  help  of  Menander  have  been
                   handed down to us by Satornil, who was a disciple of the latter. After a complicated and

                   absurd  account  of  the  events  that  preceded  Creation,  he  relates  that  the  first  man

                   crawled like a reptile. He continues that Virtue took pity on man from on high, because

                   he had been made in His image, He sent him, therefore, a spark of Life that endowed

                   him with the faculty of standing upright and enabling him to live. It is this spark of Life —
                   according to Satornil — which, after death, rises towards the heavenly beings, to whom

                   it is related .
                     In sum, this fragment fits in with canonical Tradition, but is placed in the most fanciful
                   framework. The criticisms made by the Church Elders, amongst whom were  St. Irene

                   and St. Clement of Alexandria, point out that the error of their adversaries, the Gnostics,

                   lay in the fact that intellectually, they detached man from the Cosmos in which he lives.

                         Philosophoumena,  VII,  28,  Quoted  by  J.  Doresse,  in  The  Secret  books  of  the  Egyptian
                   Gnostics, Paris, Plon, 1958, pp. 20-21.
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