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                                                     CHAPTER II

                     The exposition on man and the structure of the Universe contained in the first volume

                   of Gnosis, should help us define the place that the human being occupies - according to

                   Tradition - in the structure of organic life. We will realize better the significance of man's
                   mission on this planet and in the Cosmos if we determine the nature of the links that

                   unite him with them.

                     Before  life  appeared  on  Earth,  the  necessary  conditions  for  its  birth  had  to  be

                   realized. The note SI of the lateral octave represents this preliminary stage during which

                   the  Earth  was  enveloped  in  an  atmosphere  and  a  magnetic  field,  the  one  being
                   inseparable from the other. Before the structure of the atmosphere attained its actual

                   complex form, its evolution followed a descending scale which comprised, according to

                   the rule, a period of growth and a period of development. But as soon as it appeared, it
                   animated the planet, which, from then on, became a sensitive organ, active in the body

                   of  the  Mesocosmos,  and  through  the  latter,  from  one  rung  to  another  in  the  whole


                     Cellular  life  made  its  appearance  following  the  birth  of  the  atmosphere  and  the

                   terrestrial magnetic field. And, from the time it appeared, long before the atmosphere
                   had reached its modern complex form, cellular life was responsible for the functioning

                   of the transmitting-station, whose role was to fill in the interval between FA and MI of

                   the Great Octave of the Ray of Creation, by trans-
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