Page 52 - Gnosis volume 2
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                   forming the energies emanating from Absolute II.

                     This  filling  in  must  necessarily  have  taken  place  at  the  contact  of  the  planet,  as

                   indicated by the position of the latter in the Great Octave. This position also reflects one
                   of the aspects of the Mixtus Orbis nature of the Earth, which is situated at the MI level

                   of the Octave but which, as an element of the planetary cohort, participates in the note

                   FA. Organic life is placed, therefore, at the level of the interval, between the two notes.
                     Today, positive science is verifying the traditional conception, according to which, the

                   atmosphere of a planet results from the concentration of ETHER under the influence of

                   refined energies: this is a symbolic way of saying that diffused intersidereal matter is

                   susceptible  to  condensation  around  a  planet,  when  solar  action  has  induced  the

                   constitution of a magnetic field there, which tends, itself, to intercept matter passing
                   through space. Tradition allows for an interaction between atmosphere, magnetic field

                   and  solar  radiation:  once  constituted,  the atmosphere  resists  solar radiation  and this

                   resistance  reinforces  the  terrestrial  magnetic  field.  Among  other  functions,  the  latter
                   intercepts  certain  influences  directed  by  the  sun  towards  our  planet  for  the  sake  of

                   organic life and for man in particular, as he is the most sensitive organism to be found

                   here. The reception is rendered uniform by the diurnal rotation of the Earth. To this

                   direct and regular absorption is added an indirect reception reflected by the Moon and

                   whose intensity and quality vary according to
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