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                   the phases of the latter. Graphically, the intensity can be represented by a sinusoid.

                     The twin role of the atmosphere and the terrestrial magnetism which condition life
                   on Earth and the filling in of the interval between FA and MI of the Great Octave, are

                   only  one  example  of  the  technique  according  to  which  the  filling  in  of  the  second

                   interval  of the  Rays  of Creation  takes place,  the  DO-SI  interval  being  filled  in  for  the

                   whole of the Macrocosmos: thus, life can develop without any discontinuity at all stages
                   in a Universe whose functioning manifests organic unity.

                     If,  in  positive  science,  certain  astronomical  representations  of  the  Universe  have

                   sometimes seemed to contradict the theory of this fundamental unity, the most recent

                   data, notably on cosmic radiation or the exchange of energies, seem to indicate very
                   well the progress that is being made towards the confirmation of traditional Knowledge.

                                                          *      *

                     Respiration, that essential characteristic of every living being, is the principal common

                   denominator by which the unity of life — flora, fauna and man — is expressed . Bathed
                   in the atmosphere which penetrates even the soil, the rivers and the oceans, everything

                   that  lives,  breathes.  Respiration  has  other  functions  besides  the  chemical
                   transformations during which oxygen and carbon dioxide are interchanged. It enables

                   living matter to draw out from radiation — such as it is when it reaches

                       Ref. Psalm CIL (CL), 6. The number into brackets gives the numeration from Louis Segond.
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