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                   the  level  of  organic  life,  after  having  crossed  the  atmosphere  -  certain  elements  or

                   influences proceeding from our solar system and beyond from the world of galaxies.

                      According  to  Tradition, each  of these  elements  bears  the qualitative  stamp  of the
                   source from which it comes. Thus, every living body can absorb and assimilate, following

                   its  state  of  being,  all  sorts  of  material  influences  which  proceed  from  the  whole

                   Universe.  For  example, the  same  air  is  inhaled by  a  crowd  of  people  assembled  in  a
                   given place, but each one exhales a different air. That is because each person present

                   has an unequal power of absorption, a power which depends on his or her respective

                   level of being, on the physical, psychic and spiritual planes and which manifests itself in

                   the functioning of the three scales of nutrition of which we will speak later in chapter XI.

                                                          *      *

                     Now,  let  us  examine  the  relationship  between  organic  life  on  Earth  and  the  Sun.

                   Tradition has always considered the Sun as the Absolute of this life, that is to say, as the
                   Being which conditions life entirely. It is not just a laboratory where chemical reactions

                   or physical, magnetic and electrical phenomena which occur at a few million degrees,

                   are reduced finally to purely mechanical combinations.

                     It is universally admitted today that, apart from its action in the physical domain, the

                   Sun exercises an important influence over man's psychicism. This action is parti-
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