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                   cularly  noticeable  with  the  appearance  of  sun-spots,  which  apart  from  provoking

                   magnetic storms, frequently cause social disturbances and even wars.
                     Until  quite  recently,  positive  science  could  observe  the  Sun  only  through  the

                   Tritocosmos and the Mesocosmos. Research, during the past few years, has enabled us

                   to photograph the Sun and to mitigate the effects of the filtering of radiations through

                   the atmosphere; so we can realize, now, the importance of the distortionary influence
                   of this screen: the aspect and, above all, the colour of the Sun change as soon as one

                   reaches  the  stratosphere.  The  possibility  of  launching  satellites  equipped  with

                   scientifical instruments, should enable us to gather information on the exterior aspect

                   of our Absolute in conditions which, if not identical, are nonetheless similar to those in
                   which  scientifical  data  relating  to  the  Earth  are  gathered:  to  observe  the  Sun  as  it

                   appears when seen from the heart of its own cosmos and not through two successive


                                                          *      *

                     Though of a different nature, the relationship which exists between the Earth and the

                   Moon and the influence each exercises over the other, are of considerable importance

                   for organic life on our planet.
                     The Moon, which corresponds simultaneously to the note RE of our lateral octave and

                   of  the  Great  Octave,  is  a  member  of  the  Tessaracosmos  insofar  as  it  is  a  planetary

                   satellite and a member of the body of the Cosmic Mother.
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