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                   the  Earth,  the  Moon  has  no  direct  organic  links  with  the  Sun.  Being  a  satellite,  it  is

                   directly  dependent  on  its  planet  and  it  is  only  through  the  latter  that  it  enters  into
                   contact with the Sun. One of its main roles is to reflect solar energy on to the surface of

                   the Earth, in a modified form however, because of the reflection. A qualitative and a

                   quantitative variation takes place also, according to the phases. But these changes do

                   not prevent the continuity of the reverberation, due to the fact that the Moon offers
                   always the same surface to the Earth, as its rotations on itself and around our planet are

                   of equal duration.

                                                          *      *

                     The Ray of Creation to which the human species belongs is, therefore, still unfinished.

                   Organic  life  and  man  in  particular  has  not  attained  that  point  of  growth  and

                   development  where  the  interval  between  FA  and  MI  of  the  Great  Octave  will  be

                   perfectly filled up and where this fact will entail the following two consequences: the
                   vivification of the Earth at the MI stage, and the quickening of the Moon at the note RE

                   by the energy proceeding from Absolute I. In this final operation, it is essential to note

                   the  combined  play  of  the  octaves,  the  flux,  union  and  reflux;  and,  in  the  creative

                   operation, at the level of the interval, the synergy of the forces proceeding from the
                   Protocosmos  and  the  Deuterocosmos.  If  the  clearance  takes  place,  the  Earth  will

                   receive, according to St. John, grace for grace , since the energy it will receive from the
                   Great  Octave  and  the  lateral  octave  at  the  same  time,  that  is  from  Absolute  I  and

                   Absolute II simultaneously, will be

                       John, I, 16
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