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                   octave. The transmission of energy took place through the flora only and in a crude,

                   incomplete fashion. The situation was hardly altered when the note SOL entered into
                   play. It is true that the existence of huge specimens of fauna and then the advent of pre-

                   adamic  man  had  an  influence  on  the  volume  of  operations  carried  out  by  the

                   transmitting station, but a qualitative element was missing. And this element was the

                   only one capable of producing the resonance of the note LA, that is man's attainment of
                   the  stage  of  development,  stage  which  was  destined  to  play  a  catalytic  role  in  the

                   expansion of the two other notes. It was due to man's intervention that plants of high

                   nutritive  value  made  their  appearance,  that  certain  species  of  animals  were

                   domesticated,  and  that  selective  methods  were  applied  to  livestock.  These  were  the
                   first  steps  taken  on  the  road  to  the  domestication  of  Nature,  a  process  which,

                   sometimes, takes the form of an amplification of the play of natural phenomena and, at

                   other  times,  appears  as  a  hindrance  to  their  action.  This  harnessing  is  directed

                   essentially  towards  the  creation  of  potential  utilizable  by  man.  This  utilization  has
                   immediate effects on the expansion of flora and fauna in the service of man.

                     The  faculty  of  utilizing  more  and  more  vast  sources  of  energy  has  a  direct

                   repercussion which tends to provoke what we witness these days: a development, in

                   geometrical  progression,  of  elements  which  provide  the  transmitting  station  with

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