Page 60 - Gnosis volume 2
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                     Whereas growth and development are manifest and regular in the case of fauna and

                   flora, the man without has altered only in a haphazard manner during the historical era:
                   the intellectual hypertrophy of the ruling classes was detrimental to the development of

                   their emotive functions, and, in certain cases, of the motory functions as well.

                     The reason for this is that man works harder and harder to try and ameliorate his

                   living conditions without paying much heed to life itself. It is true that certain oriental
                   circles seem to have remained aware of this preoccupation and, no doubt, this is why

                   they  hold  an  attraction  for  so  many.  But  what  happened  in  the  Occident?  What

                   happened to the active bent professed in the thought of a Socrates or a Plato, and to

                   the teachings of certain schools which pretended to resolve not only theoretically but in
                   practice, the problem of life? Or, in other words, the problem of Salvation, which is the

                   object of Christian Tradition?

                     At  present,  a  very  limited  number  of  persons  seems  to  be  preoccupied  with  this

                   question. Most of the time, one comes across isolated cases who would like to apply
                   their  efforts  to  the  esoteric  domain  of  traditional  knowledge.  One  may  observe  a

                   general deviation of the point of application of human energy. However paradoxal this

                   may  seem,  it  has  its  justification.  The  growing  force  of  Illusion  is  the  result  of  the

                   enhanced action of the General Law, which is also adapted to this compression of Time.

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