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                     The  cruelty  of  wars  and  revolutions  in  the  twentieth  century  proves  that  the  man

                   without has hardly progressed from a moral point of view: it would be even possible to

                   find arguments in favour of a regression on this plane.

                                                          *      *

                     During  the  historical  period,  the  quality  of  fauna  and  flora  was  considerably

                   transformed under man's influence. It is significant to note that more and more refined

                   energies are placed at the disposal of the transmitting station by these two kingdoms. It

                   is not the same where man is concerned: with the exception of certain Individualities,

                   the evolution of the human species, in the esoteric sense, is a debatable phenomenon.
                   But  on  another  hand,  the  considerable  increase  of  the  human  population  is  a  factor

                   which  contributes  appreciably  to  the  augmentation  of  the  power  of  the  transmitting

                   station. This is a recent phenomenon as examples previously quoted prove.
                     The Earth was still sparsely populated in the tenth century of our era. This was how

                   one Khozare tribe and seven Hungarian ones were able to settle down in the territory

                   which is known as modern Hungary and which the Slavs had abandoned to emigrate

                   northwards. And, even in the sixteenth century, the invaders found the Americas and

                   Siberia almost deserted. It looks as though the population of the globe never exceeded a
                   few  millions  for  many  centuries.  Then  it  began  to  increase  rapidly  during  the

                   contemporary period. Today, the annual rate of growth is about 1,6%.
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